ICNLSP 2018 papers have been published in Procedia Computer Science journal Elsevier.

-Multi-Dialectical Languages Effect on Speech Recognition
-Prosody-based Spoken Algerian Arabic Dialect Identification
-The timing of geminate consonants in Tarifit Berber
-An Extensible Schema for Building Large Weakly-Labeled Semantic Corpora
-Adding new words into a language model using parameters of known words with similar behavior
-Textual Data Selection for Language Modelling in the Scope of Automatic Speech Recognition
-Detection of sentence modality on French automatic speech-to-text transcriptions
-Automatic Speech Recognition Errors Detection and Correction : A Review
-Measurement of Tremor in the Voices of Speakers with Parkinson’s Disease
-Encryption of speech signal with multiple secret keys
-Automatic Speech Recognition for VoIP with Packet Loss Concealment