The first International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2015) was organized by the Computational Linguistics Department, Centre de Recherche Scientifique et Technique pour le Développement de la Langue Arabe, and funded by the Directorate General for Scientific Research and Technological Development affiliated to the Algerian ministry of higher education and scientific research .

One of the most important reasons behind creating this new series of ICNLSP is to present a high level of scientific content, similar to the level of well-known international events as: INTERSPEECH, ICASSP, EMNLP, NAACl, ACL, EAMT, COLING, etc.

Valuable keynotes on Speech Recognition and Speech Translation have been presented during ICNLSP 2015 by eminent researchers: Dr. Stephan Vogel , research director from QCRI and Jean-Paul Haton, professor emeritus from Lorraine University. Very good papers have been presented by participants as well. For more information, visit the link:

The papers were submitted from many countries like: Algeria, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Egypt, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, India and Tunisia.


Speech Translation ; from Research to Applications, Dr. Stephan Vogel, QCRI, Qatar
Present and Future of Automatic Speech Recognition, Prof Jean-Paul Haton, Lorraine University
Arabic speech recognition using DNN techniques, Dr Mohamed Afify, Microsoft Cairo Egypt



-Multi-Dialectical Languages Effect on Speech Recognition Mohamed Elfeky, Pedro Moreno and Victor Soto
-Prosody-based Spoken Algerian Arabic Dialect Identification
-The timing of geminate consonants in Tarifit Berber
-An Extensible Schema for Building Large Weakly-Labeled Semantic Corpora S. Matthew English
-Adding new words into a language model using parameters of known words with similar behavior
-Textual Data Selection for Language Modelling in the Scope of Automatic Speech Recognition
-Detection of sentence modality on French automatic speech-to-text transcriptions
-Automatic Speech Recognition Errors Detection and Correction : A Review
-Measurement of Tremor in the Voices of Speakers with Parkinson’s Disease
-Encryption of speech signal with multiple secret keys
-Automatic Speech Recognition for VoIP with Packet Loss Concealment