Accepted papers

The accepted papers will be presented in oral and poster sessions.

Oral presenters will have 15 minutes to present their works. The 5 following minutes will be for questions.

Poster sessions:  The size of posters should be 70 cm wide x 150 cm high. The organizer supports printing poster files. Authors are required to send their files in pdf.


4: Towards a practical and efficient WER Calculation for Arabic ASR systems.
13: Robust Blind Approach for Digital Speech Watermarking.
17: Robust Speaker Verification System in Acoustic Noise Mobile by using Multitaper Gammaton Hilbert Envelope Coefficients.
19: An All-Words Sense Annotated Turkish Corpus.
29: A Multilayer Annotated Corpus for Turkish.
31: Stock Market Random Forest-Text Mining System Mining Critical Indicators of Stock Market Movements.
33: Arabic Dialects Annotation using an Online Game.
34: Modified Predator-Prey Particle Swarm Optimization Based Two-Channel Speech Quality Enhancement by Forward Blind Source Separation.
41: A New Syntax-Based Aspect Detection Approach for Sentiment Analysis in Arabic Reviews.
42: Bi-directional Recurrent End-to-End Neural Network Classifier for Spoken Arab Digit Recognition.
43: A Wavelet-NLMS Algorithm implemented in FBSS structure for Acoustic Noise Reduction and Speech Enhancement.
44: Thresholding Wavelet-based Forward BSS Algorithm for Speech Quality Enhancement and Complexity Reduction.
45: An acoustic study of plosive consonants produced by patients with and without reconstruction after partial or total glossectomy. Focusing on VOT.
46: Exploring the Effects of Diacritization on Arabic Frequency Counts.
47: Speaker Diarization and Detection System using A Priori Speaker Information.
48: A Synthesizer of Diplophonic Voices.
51: An Improved Packet Loss Concealment Technique a Condition Packet Loss for Speech Transmission in VOIP.
52: A Review of Recent Aspect Extraction Techniques for Opinion Mining Systems.
54: Spoken Arabic Dialect Identification using Prosody: Case of Algerian Sub-Dialects.
55: Glottal Signal Parameters as features set for Neurological voice disorders diagnosis using K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN).
57: An Arabic WordNet Enrichment Approach using Machine Translation and External Linguistic Resources.
59: Arabic Word Analogies and Semantics of Simple Phrases.
64: Gender Aware Spoken Language Translation Applied to English-Arabic.
65: Partial and Full Speech Encryption Schemes Based on 1D Chaotic Maps for AMR-WB Codec.
67: Evaluation of topic segmentation algorithms on Arabic texts.
68: A semantic indexing approach of multimedia documents content based partial transcription.
73: Multi-Classifier System for Authorship Verification task using Word Embeddings.
75: Automatic Prediction of Vocabulary Knowledge for Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language.
78: Corpus-based Solution To The Arabic Low Level NLP Tasks.
80: Cross-Language and Language-Specific Acoustic Correlates of Gemination in Berber and Japanese.
81: Diacritization of a Highly Cited Text: A Classical Arabic Book as a Case.
82: Intelligent Plagiarism Detection in Arabic Text Documents.
83: A Demographic-based Approach for Improved Content Categorization in social networking.
86: Differences between (ḍād) and (ẓāʼ) in Pronunciation and Writing: a Theoretical Study.
88: Arabic Dialect Identification based on Motif Discovery Using GMM-UBM with different Motif Lengths.

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