Bring All Your Features: Arabic Diacritic Recovery Using a Feature-Rich Recurrent Neural Model by: Dr. Kareem Darwish, AiXplain

Understanding Arabic Transformer Models, by: Dr. Ahmed Abdelali, QCRI, Qatar.

AI Technology Commercialization: From Research to Product Innovation Keynote. by: Dr. Hussein Al-Natsheh, Beyond Limits.



Toshiko Shibano, Xinyi Zhang, Mia Taige Li, Haejin Cho, Peter Sullivan and Muhammad Abdul-Mageed. Speech Technology for Everyone: Automatic Speech Recognition for Non-Native English.
Anna Favaro, Licia Sbattella, Roberto Tedesco and Vincenzo Scotti. ITAcotron 2: Transfering English Speech Synthesis Architectures and Speech Features to Italian.
Tanvi Dinkar, Beatrice Biancardi and Chloé Clavel. From local hesitations to global impressions of a speaker’s feeling of knowing.
Marco Gaido, Matteo Negri, Mauro Cettolo and Marco Turchi. Beyond Voice Activity Detection: Hybrid Audio Segmentation for Direct Speech Translation.
Caroline Kendrick, Mariano Frohnmaier and Munir Georges. Audio-Visual Recipe Guidance for Smart Kitchen Devices.
Shuang Ao and Xeno Acharya. Learning ULMFiT and Self-Distillation with Calibration for Medical Dialogue System.
Carl Strathearn and Dimitra Gkatzia. The Task2Dial Dataset: A Novel Dataset for Commonsense-enhanced Task-based Dialogue Grounded in Documents.
Sofia Eleftheriou, Panagiotis Koromilas and Theodoros Giannakopoulos. Automatic Assessment of Speaking Skills Using Aural and Textual Information.
Anuj Gopal. Automated Recognition of Hindi Word Audio Clips for Indian Children using Clustering-based Filters and Binary Classifier.
Fazia Karaoui, Amar Djeradi and Yves Laprie. The Articulatory and acoustics Effects of Pharyngeal Consonants on Adjacent Vowels in Arabic Language.
Christopher Haberland and Ni Lao. Orthographic Transliteration for Kabyle Speech Recognition.
Anugunj Naman and Kumari Deepshikha. Indic Languages Automatic Speech Recognition using Meta-Learning Approach.
Ignacio de Toledo Rodriguez, Giancarlo Salton and Robert Ross. Formulating Automated Responses to Cognitive Distortions for CBT Interactions.
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Mohamed Amine Cheragui, Abdelhalim Hafedh Dahou and Mohamed Abdelmoazz. A3C: Arabic Anaphora Annotated Corpus.
Khaled Lounnas, Mourad Abbas and Mohamed Lichouri. Towards Phone Number Recognition For Code Switched Algerian Dialect.
Mohamed Lichouri and Mourad Abbas. Machine Translation for Zero and Low-resourced Dialects using a New Extended Version of the Dialectal Parallel Corpus (Padic v2.0).
Aviad Rom and Kfir Bar. Supporting Undotted Arabic with Pre-trained Language Models.  
Hayastan Avetisyan and David Broneske. Identifying and Understanding Game-Framing in Online News: BERT and Fine-Grained Linguistic Features.  
Anjali Ragupathi, Siddharth Shanmuganathan and Manu Madhavan. Compressive Performers in Language Modelling.  
Danish Mohammed Ebadulla, Rahul Raman, Hridhay Kiran Shetty and Mamatha H.R.. A Comparative Study on Language Models for the Kannada Language.  
Matteo Muffo, Roberto Tedesco, Licia Sbattella and Vincenzo Scotti. Static Fuzzy Bag-of-Words: a Lightweight and Fast Sentence Embedding Algorithm.  
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Akbar Karimi, Leonardo Rossi and Andrea Prati. Improving BERT Performance for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis.  
Kasturi Bhattacharjee, Rashmi Gangadharaiah and Smaranda Muresan. Domain and Task-Informed Sample Selection for Cross-Domain Target-based Sentiment Analysis.  
Mehrdad Nasser, Mohamad Bagher Sajadi and Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli. A Sample-Based Training Method for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction with Pre-Trained Transformers.  
Aicha Chorana and Hadda Cherroun. User Generated Content and Engagement Analysis in Social Media case of Algerian Brands.  
Abdul Waheed, Muskan Goyal, Nimisha Mittal, Deepak Gupta, Ashish Khanna and Moolchand Sharma. BloomNet: A Robust Transformer based model for Bloom’s Learning Outcome Classification.  
Aditeya Baral, Himanshu Jain, Deeksha D and Dr. Mamatha H R. MAPLE – MAsking words to generate blackout Poetry using sequence-to-sequence Learning.  
Samira Lagrini and Mohammed Redjimi. Use of Rhetorical Relations for Arabic Text Summarization.  
Mourad Abbas and Mohamed Lichouri. TPT: An Empirical Term Selection for Arabic Text Categorization.  
Muhammad Saleh Al-Qurishi and Riad Souissi. Arabic Named Entity Recognition Using Transformer-based-CRF Model.  
Sabine Ullrich and Michaela Geierhos. Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Classify Question Complexity.  
Mohamed Amine Menacer, Fatma Ben Hamda, Ghada Mighri, Sabeur Ben Hamidene and Maxime Cariou. An interpretable person-job fitting approach based on classification and ranking.  
Pierre Colombo, Chloé Clavel, Chouchang Yack and Giovanna Varni. Beam Search with Bidirectional Strategies for Neural Response Generation.