Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2015)

Editors: Mourad Abbas and Ahmed Abdelali

Multi-Dialectical Languages Effect on Speech Recognition: Too Much Choice Can Hurt
Mohamed G. Elfeky, Pedro Moreno, Victor Soto

Prosody-based Spoken Algerian Arabic Dialect Identification
S. Bougrine, H. Cherroun, D. Ziadi

Adding New Words into a Language Model using Parameters of Known Words with Similar Behavior
L. Orosanu, D. Jouvet

The timing of geminate consonants in Tarifit Berber
F. Bouarourou, B. Vaxelaire, Y. Laprie, R. Ridouane, R. Sock

Automatic Speech Recognition Errors Detection and Correction: A Review
R. Errattahi, A. El Hannani, H. Ouahmane

Detection of Sentence Modality on French Automatic Speech-to-text Transcriptions
L. Orosanu, D. Jouvet

Measurement of Tremor in the Voices of Speakers with Parkinson’s Disease
M. Brückl, A. Ghio, F. Viallet

Textual Data Selection for Language Modelling in the Scope of Automatic Speech Recognition
F. Mezzoudj, D. Langlois, D. Jouvet, A Benyettou

An Extensible Schema for Building Large Weakly-Labeled Semantic Corpora
S. Matthew English

Automatic Speech Recognition for VoIP with Packet Loss Concealment
A. Bakri, A. Amrouche, M. Abbas, L. Bouchakour

Encryption of speech signal with multiple secret keys
D. Slimani, F. Merazka