Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2018)

Towards a practical and efficient WER Calculation for Arabic ASR systems
M. Abbas;
D. Megtouf

Robust blind approach for digital speech watermarking
Ahmed Merrad;
Ali Benziane;
Slami Saadi;
Ahmed Hafaifa

Robust speaker verification system in acoustic noise mobile by using Multitaper Gammaton Hilbert Envelope Coefficients
Ahmed Krobba;
Mohamed Debyeche;
Sid. Ahmed Selouani

An all-words sense annotated Turkish corpus
Sinan Akçakaya;
Olcay Taner Yıldız

A multilayer annotated corpus for Turkish
Olcay Taner Yıldız;
Koray Ak;
Gökhan Ercan;
Ozan Topsakal;
Cengiz Asmazoğlu

Stock market random forest-text mining system mining critical indicators of stock market movements
Mazen Nabil Elagamy;
Clare Stanier;
Bernadette Sharp

Arabic dialects annotation using an online game
Areej Alshutayri;
Eric Atwell

Modified predator-prey particle swarm optimization based two-channel speech quality enhancement by forward blind source separation
Sofiane Fisli;
Mohamed Djendi;
Abderezzak Guessoum

A new syntax-based aspect detection approach for sentiment analysis in Arabic reviews
M’hamed Mataoui;
Tadj Eddine Bendali Hacine;
Imad Tellache;
Abdelghani Bakhtouchi;
Omar Zelmati

Bi-directional recurrent end-to-end neural network classifier for spoken Arab digit recognition
Naima Zerari;
Samir Abdelhamid;
Hassen Bouzgou;
Christian Raymond

A wavelet-NLMS algorithm implemented in FBSS for acoustic noise reduction and speech enhancement
Khadidja Ghribi;
Mohamed Djendi;
Daoud Berkani

Thresholding wavelet-based forward BSS algorithm for speech enhancement and complexity reduction
Khadidja Ghribi;
Mohamed Djendi;
Daoud Berkani

An acoustic study of plosive consonants produced by patients with and without reconstruction after partial or total glossectomy. Focusing on VOT
Hasna Zaouali;
Béatrice Vaxelaire;
Rudolph Sock;
Christian Debry;
Philippe Schultz;
Guy Bronner

Exploring the effects of diacritization on Arabic frequency counts
Osama Hamed;
Torsten Zesch

Speaker diarization and detection system using a priori speaker information
Ouassila Kenai;
Nassim Asbai;
Siham Ouamour;
Mhania Guerti;
Salim Djeghiour

A synthesizer of diplophonic voices
Yaaqoub Bennane;
Abdellah Kacha;
Francis Grenez

An improved packet loss concealment technique for speech transmission in VOIP
Adil Bakri;
Abderrahmane Amrouche;
Mourad Abbas

A review of recent aspect extraction techniques for opinion mining systems
Bouras Dalila;
Amroune Mohamed;
Hakim Bendjanna

Spoken Arabic Algerian dialect identification
Hadda Cherroun Soumia Bougrine;
Ahmed Abdelali

Glottal signal parameters as features set for neurological voice disorders diagnosis using K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN)
Mohamed Dahmani;
Mhania Guerti

An Arabic WordNet enrichment approach using machine translation and external linguistic resources
Cilia Lachichi;
Chahrazad Bendiaf;
Lamia Berkani;
Ahmed Guessoum

Arabic word analogies and semantics of simple phrases
Stephen Taylor;
Tomáš Brychcín

Gender aware spoken language translation applied to English-Arabic
Mostafa Elaraby;
Ahmed Y. Tawfik;
Mahmoud Khaled;
Hany Hassan;
Aly Osama

Partial and full speech encryption schemes based on 1D chaotic maps for AMR-WB codec
Messaouda Boumaraf;
Fatiha Merazka

Evaluation of topic segmentation algorithms on Arabic texts
Nouar Fayçal;
Belhadef Hacene

A semantic indexing approach of multimedia documents content based partial transcription
Issam Bendib;
Mohammed Ridda Laouar

Multi-classifier system for authorship verification task using word embeddings
Nacer Eddine Benzebouchi;
Nabiha Azizi;
Monther Aldwairi;
Nadir Farah

Automatic prediction of vocabulary knowledge for learners of Chinese as a foreign language
John Lee;
Chak Yan Yeung

A single-model approach for Arabic segmentation, POS tagging, and named entity recognition
Abed Alhakim Freihat;
Gabor Bella;
Hamdy Mubarak;
Fausto Giunchiglia

Cross-language and language-specific acoustic correlates of gemination in Berber and Japanese
Fayssal Bouarourou;
Tomoki Koya;
Saïd Bouzidi;
Béatrice Vaxelaire;
Rudolph Sock

Disguised plagiarism detection in Arabic text documents
El Moatez Billah Nagoudi;
Hadda Cherroun;
Ali Alshehri

A demographic-based approach for improved content categorization in social networking
Randa Benkhelifa;
Nasria Bouhyaoui;
Fatima Zohra Laallam

Arabic dialect identification based on motif discovery using GMM-UBM with different motif lengths
Mohsen Moftah;
Mohammed Waleed Fakhr;
Salwa El Ramly