Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2018)

Editor: Mourad Abbas

Towards a practical and efficient WER Calculation for Arabic ASR systems.
M. Abbas, D. Megtouf.

Robust blind approach for digital speech watermarking.
Ahmed Merrad, Ali Benziane, Slami Saadi, Ahmed Hafaifa.

Robust speaker verification system in acoustic noise mobile by using Multitaper Gammaton Hilbert Envelope Coefficients.
Ahmed Krobba, Mohamed Debyeche, Sid. Ahmed Selouani.

An all-words sense annotated Turkish corpus.
Sinan Akçakaya, Olcay Taner Yıldız.

A multilayer annotated corpus for Turkish.
Olcay Taner Yıldız, Koray Ak, Gökhan Ercan, Ozan Topsakal, Cengiz Asmazoğlu.

Stock market random forest-text mining system mining critical indicators of stock market movements.
Mazen Nabil Elagamy, Clare Stanier, Bernadette Sharp.

Arabic dialects annotation using an online game.
Areej Alshutayri, Eric Atwell.

Modified predator-prey particle swarm optimization based two-channel speech quality enhancement by forward blind source separation.
Sofiane Fisli, Mohamed Djendi, Abderezzak Guessoum.

A new syntax-based aspect detection approach for sentiment analysis in Arabic reviews.
M’hamed Mataoui, Tadj Eddine Bendali Hacine, Imad Tellache, Abdelghani Bakhtouchi, Omar Zelmati.

Bi-directional recurrent end-to-end neural network classifier for spoken Arab digit recognition.
Naima Zerari, Samir Abdelhamid, Hassen Bouzgou, Christian Raymond.

A wavelet-NLMS algorithm implemented in FBSS for acoustic noise reduction and speech enhancement.
Khadidja Ghribi, Mohamed Djendi, Daoud Berkani.

Thresholding wavelet-based forward BSS algorithm for speech enhancement and complexity reduction.
Khadidja Ghribi, Mohamed Djendi, Daoud Berkani.

An acoustic study of plosive consonants produced by patients with and without reconstruction after partial or total glossectomy. Focusing on VOT.
Hasna Zaouali, Béatrice Vaxelaire, Rudolph Sock, Christian Debry, Philippe Schultz, Guy Bronner.

Exploring the effects of diacritization on Arabic frequency counts.
Osama Hamed, Torsten Zesch.

Speaker diarization and detection system using a priori speaker information.
Ouassila Kenai, Nassim Asbai, Siham Ouamour, Mhania Guerti, Salim Djeghiour.

A synthesizer of diplophonic voices.
Yaaqoub Bennane, Abdellah Kacha, Francis Grenez.

An improved packet loss concealment technique for speech transmission in VOIP.
Adil Bakri, Abderrahmane Amrouche, Mourad Abbas.

A review of recent aspect extraction techniques for opinion mining systems.
Bouras Dalila, Amroune Mohamed, Hakim Bendjanna.

Spoken Arabic Algerian dialect identification.
Hadda Cherroun, Soumia Bougrine, Ahmed Abdelali.

Glottal signal parameters as features set for neurological voice disorders diagnosis using K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN).
Mohamed Dahmani, Mhania Guerti.

An Arabic WordNet enrichment approach using machine translation and external linguistic resources.
Cilia Lachichi, Chahrazad Bendiaf, Lamia Berkani, Ahmed Guessoum.

Arabic word analogies and semantics of simple phrases.
Stephen Taylor, Tomáš Brychcín.

Gender aware spoken language translation applied to English-Arabic.
Mostafa Elaraby, Ahmed Y. Tawfik, Mahmoud Khaled, Hany Hassan, Aly Osama.

Partial and full speech encryption schemes based on 1D chaotic maps for AMR-WB codec.
Messaouda Boumaraf, Fatiha Merazka.

Evaluation of topic segmentation algorithms on Arabic texts.
Nouar Fayçal, Belhadef Hacene.

A semantic indexing approach of multimedia documents content based partial transcription.
Issam Bendib, Mohammed Ridda Laouar.

Multi-classifier system for authorship verification task using word embeddings.
Nacer Eddine Benzebouchi, Nabiha Azizi, Monther Aldwairi, Nadir Farah.

Automatic prediction of vocabulary knowledge for learners of Chinese as a foreign language.
John Lee, Chak Yan Yeung.

A single-model approach for Arabic segmentation, POS tagging, and named entity recognition.
Abed Alhakim Freihat, Gabor Bella, Hamdy Mubarak, Fausto Giunchiglia.

Cross-language and language-specific acoustic correlates of gemination in Berber and Japanese.
Fayssal Bouarourou, Tomoki Koya, Saïd Bouzidi, Béatrice Vaxelaire, Rudolph Sock.

Disguised plagiarism detection in Arabic text documents.
El Moatez Billah Nagoudi, Hadda Cherroun, Ali Alshehri.

A demographic-based approach for improved content categorization in social networking.
Randa Benkhelifa, Nasria Bouhyaoui, Fatima Zohra Laallam.

Arabic dialect identification based on motif discovery using GMM-UBM with different motif lengths.
Mohsen Moftah, Mohammed Waleed Fakhr, Salwa El Ramly.

IEEE ICNLSP 2018 proceedings, Editor: Dr. Mourad Abbas