Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2019)


Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing
Editors: Mourad Abbas | Abed Alhakim Freihat

Twitter Bot Detection using Diversity Measures
Dijana Kosmajac | Vlado Keselj

Aligning the IndoWordNet with the Princeton WordNet
Nandu Chandran Nair | Rajendran Sankara Velayuthan | Khuyagbaatar Batsuren

Automatic Data-Driven Approaches for Evaluating the Phonemic Verbal Fluency Task with Healthy Adults
Hali Lindsay | Nicklas Linz | Johannes Troeger | Jan Alexandersson

Automatic Detection and Classification of Argument Components using Multi-task Deep Neural Network
Jean-Christophe Mensonides | Sébastien Harispe | Jacky Montmain | Véronique Thireau

Multi Sense Embeddings from Topic Models
Shobhit Jain | Sravan Babu Bodapati | Ramesh Nallapati | Anima Anandkumar

Automatic Arabic Text Summarization Based on Fuzzy Logic
Lamees Al Qassem | Di Wang | Hassan Barada | Ahmad Al-Rubaie | Nawaf Almoosa

An Arabic Multi-Domain Spoken Language Understanding System
Mohamed Lichouri | Mourad Abbas | Rachida Djeradi | Amar Djeradi

Building a Speech Corpus based on Arabic Podcasts for Language and Dialect Identification
Khaled Lounnas | Mourad Abbas | Mohamed Lichouri

Automatic Text Tagging of Arabic News Articles Using Ensemble Deep Learning Models
Ashraf Elnagar | Omar Einea | Ridhwan Al-Debsi

A Probabilistic Approach for Confidence Scoring in Speech Recognition
Punnoose Kuriakose

A Crowdsourcing-based Approach for Speech Corpus Transcription Case of Arabic Algerian Dialects
Ilyes Zine | Mohamed Cherif Zeghad | Soumia Bougrine | Hadda Cherroun

Sample Size in Arabic Authorship Verification
Hossam Ahmed

A folksonomy-based approach for profiling human perception on word similarity
Guani Wu | Ker-Chau Li

Automatic Diacritization as Prerequisite Towards the Automatic Generation of Arabic Lexical Recognition Tests
Osama Hamed

Expanding English and Chinese Dictionaries by Wikipedia Titles
Wei-Ting Chen | Yu-Te Wang | Chuan-Jie Lin

Production of Voicing Contrast in Children with Cochlear Implants
Georgia Koupka

SumSAT: Hybrid Arabic Text Summarization based on symbolic and numerical Approaches
Mohamed Amine Cheragui | Said Moulay Lakhdar

Speech Coding Combining Chaos Encryption and Error Recovery for G.722.2 Codec
Messaouda Boumaraf | Fatiha Merazka

Compositional pre-training for neural semantic parsing
Amir Ziai

Encoding Position Improves Recurrent Neural Text Summarizers
Apostolos Karanikolos | Ioannis Refanidis


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