Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2021)


Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2021)
Mourad Abbas | Abed Alhakim Freihat

End-to-End Annotator Bias Approximation on Crowdsourced Single-Label Sentiment Analysis
Gerhard Hagerer | David Szabo | Andreas Koch | Maria Luisa Ripoll Dominguez | Christian Widmer | Maximilian Wich | Hannah Danner | Georg Groh

Speech Technology for Everyone: Automatic Speech Recognition for Non-Native English
Toshiko Shibano | Xinyi Zhang | Mia Taige Li | Haejin Cho | Peter Sullivan | Muhammad Abdul-Mageed

Orthographic Transliteration for Kabyle Speech Recognition
Christopher Haberland | Ni Lao

Machine Translation for Zero and Low-resourced Dialects using a New Extended Version of the Dialectal Parallel Corpus (Padic v2.0)
Mohamed Lichouri | Mourad Abbas

Improving BERT Performance for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
Akbar Karimi | Leonardo Rossi | Andrea Prati

MAPLE – MAsking words to generate blackout Poetry using sequence-to-sequence LEarning
Aditeya Baral | Himanshu Jain | Deeksha D | Dr. Mamatha H R

Beyond Voice Activity Detection: Hybrid Audio Segmentation for Direct Speech Translation
Marco Gaido | Matteo Negri | Mauro Cettolo | Marco Turchi

A Sample-Based Training Method for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction with Pre-Trained Transformers
Mehrdad Nasser | Mohamad Bagher Sajadi | Behrouz Minaei-Bidgoli

Static Fuzzy Bag-of-Words: a Lightweight and Fast Sentence Embedding Algorithm
Matteo Muffo | Roberto Tedesco | Licia Sbattella | Vincenzo Scotti

ITAcotron 2: Transfering English Speech Synthesis Architectures and Speech Features to Italian
Anna Favaro | Licia Sbattella | Roberto Tedesco | Vincenzo Scotti

Supporting Undotted Arabic with Pre-trained Language Models
Aviad Rom | Kfir Bar

Identifying and Understanding Game-Framing in Online News: BERT and Fine-Grained Linguistic Features
Hayastan Avetisyan | David Broneske

Formulating Automated Responses to Cognitive Distortions for CBT Interactions
Ignacio de Toledo Rodriguez | Giancarlo Salton | Robert Ross

The Quality of Lexical Semantic Resources: A Survey
Hadi Khalilia | Abed Alhakim Freihat | Fausto Giunchiglia

An interpretable person-job fitting approach based on classification and ranking
Mohamed Amine Menacer | Fatma Ben Hamda | Ghada Mighri | Sabeur Ben Hamidene | Maxime Cariou

Beam Search with Bidirectional Strategies for Neural Response Generation
Pierre Colombo | Chloé Clavel | Chouchang Yack | Giovanna Varni

A3C: Arabic Anaphora Annotated Corpus
Mohamed Amine Cheragui | Abdelhalim Hafedh Dahou | Mohamed Abdelmoazz

User Generated Content and Engagement Analysis in Social Media case of Algerian Brands
Aicha Chorana | Hadda Cherroun

Automatic Assessment of Speaking Skills Using Aural and Textual Information
Sofia Eleftheriou | Panagiotis Koromilas | Theodoros Giannakopoulos

A New Approach for Arabic Text Summarization
Samira Lagrini | Mohammed Redjimi

Compressive Performers in Language Modelling
Anjali Ragupathi | Siddharth Shanmuganathan | Manu Madhavan

Learning ULMFiT and Self-Distillation with Calibration for Medical Dialogue System
Shuang Ao | Xeno Acharya

Automated Recognition of Hindi Word Audio Clips for Indian Children using Clustering-based Filters and Binary Classifier
Anuj Gopal

BloomNet: A Robust Transformer based model for Bloom’s Learning Outcome Classification
Abdul Waheed | Muskan Goyal | Nimisha Mittal | Deepak Gupta | Ashish Khanna | Moolchand Sharma

Indic Languages Automatic Speech Recognition using Meta-Learning Approach
Anugunj Naman | Kumari Deepshikha

TPT: An Empirical Term Selection for Arabic Text Categorization
Mourad Abbas | Mohamed Lichouri

From local hesitations to global impressions of a speaker’s feeling of knowing
Tanvi Dinkar | Beatrice Biancardi | Chloé Clavel

Task2Dial Dataset: A Novel Dataset for Commonsense-enhanced Task-based Dialogue Grounded in Documents
Carl Strathearn | Dimitra Gkatzia

Domain and Task-Informed Sample Selection for Cross-Domain Target-based Sentiment Analysis
Kasturi Bhattacharjee | Rashmi Gangadharaiah | Smaranda Muresan

Audio-Visual Recipe Guidance for Smart Kitchen Devices
Caroline Kendrick | Mariano Frohnmaier | Munir Georges

Arabic Named Entity Recognition Using Transformer-based-CRF Model
Muhammad Saleh Al-Qurishi | Riad Souissi

The Articulatory and acoustics Effects of Pharyngeal Consonants on Adjacent Vowels in Arabic Language
Fazia Karaoui | Amar Djeradi | Yves Laprie

A Comparative Study on Language Models for the Kannada Language
Danish Mohammed Ebadulla | Rahul Raman | Hridhay Kiran Shetty | Mamatha H.r.

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Classify Question Complexity
Sabine Ullrich | Michaela Geierhos

Towards Phone Number Recognition For Code Switched Algerian Dialect
Khaled Lounnas | Mourad Abbas | Mohamed Lichouri