Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2022)

Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2022)
Mourad Abbas | Abed Alhakim Freihat

Error correction and extraction in request dialogs

Stefan Constantin | Alex Waibel

Efficient Task-Oriented Dialogue Systems with Response Selection as an Auxiliary Task

Radostin Cholakov | Todor Kolev

TopicRefine: Joint Topic Prediction and Dialogue Response Generation for Multi-turn End-to-End Dialogue System

Hongru Wang | Mingyu Cui | Zimo Zhou | Kam-Fai Wong

Prior Omission of Dissimilar Source Domain(s) for Cost-Effective Few-Shot Learning

Zezhong Wang | Hongru Wang | Wai Chung Kwan | Kam-Fai Wong

Linguistic Knowledge in Data Augmentation for Natural Language Processing: An Example on Chinese Question Matching

Zhengxiang Wang

Detecting Security Patches in Java Projects Using NLP Technology

Andrea Stefanoni | Šarūnas Girdzijauskas | Christina Jenkins | Zekarias T. Kefato | Licia Sbattella | Vincenzo Scotti | Emil Wåreus

Improving NL-to-Query Systems through Re-ranking of Semantic Hypothesis

Pius von Däniken | Jan Deriu | Eneko Agirre | Ursin Brunner | Mark Cieliebak | Kurt Stockinger

Experimenting with ensembles of pre-trained language models for classification of custom legal datasets

Tamara Matthews | David Lillis

Handling Class Imbalance when Detecting Dataset Mentions with Pre-trained Language Models

Yousef Younes | Brigitte Mathiak

Performance of two French BERT models for French language on verbatim transcripts and online posts

Emmanuelle Kelodjoue | Jérôme Goulian | Didier Schwab

Semi-supervised Automated Clinical Coding Using International Classification of Diseases

Hlynur Hlynsson | Steindór Ellertsson | Jon Dadason | Emil Sigurdsson | Hrafn Loftsson

Recent Advances in Long Documents Classification Using Deep-Learning

Muhammad Al-Qurishi

Optimizing singular value based similarity measures for document similarity comparisons

Jarkko Lagus | Arto Klami

Semantic Similarity Based Filtering for Turkish Paraphrase Dataset Creation

Besher Alkurdi | Hasan Yunus Sarioglu | Mehmet Fatih Amasyali

Second-order Document Similarity Metrics for Transformers

Jarkko Lagus | Niki Loppi | Arto Klami

Semantic Similarity-Based Clustering of Findings From Security Testing Tools

Phillip Schneider | Markus Voggenreiter | Abdullah Gulraiz | Florian Matthes

Contextual Embeddings Can Distinguish Homonymy from Polysemy in a Human-Like Way

Kyra Wilson | Alec Marantz

Modeling the Ordering of English Adjectives using Collaborative Filtering

Sagar Indurkhya

Comparison of Token- and Character-Level Approaches to Restoration of Spaces, Punctuation, and Capitalization in Various Languages

Laurence Dyer | Anthony Hughes | Dhwani Shah | Burcu Can

New Features for Discriminative Keyword Spotting

Punnoose Kuriakose

Hierarchical Multi-Task Transformers for Crosslingual Low Resource Phoneme Recognition

Kevin Glocker | Munir Georges

Concatenative Phonetic Synthesis for the Proto-Indo-European Language

Patrick Donnelly

A low latency technique for speaker detection from a large negative list

Yu Zhou | B. Chandra Mouli | Vijay Gurbani

Supervised Acoustic Embeddings And Their Transferability Across Languages

Sreepratha Ram | Hanan Aldarmaki

A Dataset for Detecting Humor in Arabic Text

Hend Alkhalifa | Fetoun Alzahrani | Hala Qawara | Reema Alrowais | Sawsan Alowa | Luluh Aldhubayi

A deep sentiment analysis of Tunisian dialect comments on multi-domain posts in different social media platforms

Emna Fsih | Rahma Boujelbane | Lamia Hadrich Belguith

TuniSER: Toward a Tunisian Speech Emotion Recognition System

Abir Messaoudi | Hatem Haddad | Moez Benhaj Hmida | Mohamed Graiet

Evaluating Large-Language Models for Dimensional Music Emotion Prediction from Social Media Discourse

Patrick Donnelly | Aidan Beery

Customer Sentiments Toward Saudi Banks During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dhuha Alqahtani | Lama Alzahrani | Maram Bahareth | Nora Alshameri | Hend Al-Khalifa | Luluh Aldhubayi

Towards an Automatic Dialect Identification System using Algerian Youtube Videos

Khaled Lounnas | Mohamed Lichouri | Mourad Abbas | Thissas Chahboub | Samir Salmi

Constructing the Corpus of Chinese Textual ‘Run-on’ Sentences (CCTRS): Discourse Corpus Benchmark with Multi-layer Annotations

Kun Sun | Rong Wang

Utilizing BERT Intermediate Layers for Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction

Mingyang Song | Yi Feng | Liping Jing

“Der Frank Sinatra der Wettervorhersage”: Cross-Lingual Vossian Antonomasia Extraction

Michel Schwab | Robert Jäschke | Frank Fischer

The Elementary Scenario Component Metric for Summarization Evaluation

Martin Kirilov | Daan Kolkman | Bert-Jan Butijn

Scaling Native Language Identification with Transformer Adapters

Ahmet Yavuz Uluslu | Gerold Schneider

Arguments to Key Points Mapping with Prompt-based Learning

Ahnaf Mozib Samin | Behrooz Nikandish | Jingyan Chen

Pre-training Language Models for Surface Realization

Farhood Farahnak | Leila Kosseim

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